Mind Capital Profit After 1st Day Trading

My first $100 position in Mind Capital went live on Monday 6th January 2020. After 24 hours trading it had yielded a profit of $0.94.

I will keep you posted on how this position fares over the next few weeks up until it matures after 90 trading days, or 18 weeks from now.

If Mind Capital can maintain this profit rate, it would yield a profit of $84.60. The minimum withdrawal is $50 and so I would be able to withdraw the profit and cover most (i.e. 84%) of my risk exposure for this position in one cycle.

Where Did My Bitcoin Come From?

The Bitcoin I put into Mind Capital is generated from three sources, none of which involves any out-of-pocket commitment on my part.

Bitcoin Faucets

First, I earn Bitcoin from a portfolio of Bitcoin faucets, both from my own efforts and, more importantly, from commissions earned from my referrals. For more information about working with Bitcoin faucets go to:

Rewardical Tokens

Second, I earn Bitcoin by converting Rewardical Tokens which I earn from my activities in the SFI affiliate program and also from referral overrides. Around the beginning of each month I receive a lot of Rewardicals which I convert into Bitcoin and send to my Coinbase account.

Prosperity Marketing System

Third, I receive commission payments in Bitcoin from my marketing funnel program, the Prosperity Marketing System – paid straight into my Coinbase account.

Funding My Mind Capital Account

It was very easy to send $100 to Mind Capital from Coinbase and the transaction was very smooth. I bought the position just before going to bed, and the transaction had been completed and acknowledged when I got up and checked a few hours later.

I will post a screenshot video of the process in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, if you’d like to check out Mind Capital for yourself, join free via this link and make up your own mind:


Still Time To Join Mind Capital Before The Launch!

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